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Because you serve...

Reach out to me for special packages and pricing

I am the wife, daughter, niece, aunt, sister, mother, and step-mother to family that has dedicated at least part of their life to service:  Marine Corps, medical, education, and law enforcement.  My husband, Keith, works in the corporate world supporting public sector agencies and in addition he serves our local community in a law enforcement role.      

I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and pain certain periods of life can bring- especially for those who serve.

This coupled with my 22+ years in public education at all levels from elementary through high school I have witnessed children and teens going through all sorts of challenges and stresses, and even more now as we live through this pandemic. 

Let's work together!  I consider it a true privilege to work with adults, adolescents and families and offer my expertise, experiences, education and training directly to you in person if you’re local or via Zoom or Google Meets if you are located anywhere around the world. 

I offer services using Rapid Transformational Therapy, Integrative Wellsness and Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy.   

My own difficulties in life taught me early on never to judge others and my experiences in life have allowed me to listen empathetically. RTT helped me during a dark and difficult phase of my life and I am excited to share it with you!

Reach out to me today and let's see how we can work together!  Sessions and Packages are offered live in person in Michigan or via Zoom/Google Meets around the world!

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