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Group Motivational Speaking

Live at your Michigan location or virtually

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The Generous Gift of the Present

This session is for anyone feeling stressed out right now and want to know exactly what you can do immediately to get relief.  The Generous Gift of the Present will help you to manage your time so you can truly live in the present moment while releasing the fear of the future or the pain of the familiar past that tends to repeat itself over and over again.  I’ll share with you a few Rules of the Mind that once understood will help you change your entire outlook on life and once applied how fast you’ll see results. At the end of the session, I will take you through a 15-20 minute guided meditation that is sure to help you feel amazing! 


Sneaky Thoughts Sabotaging Your Life

This session is designed to bring attention to the Rules of the Mind and show the audience exactly how the sneaky thoughts can sabotoge success in health, career, relationships, finances, body, and life in general!
Walk away with proven strategies to forever change your thoughts and manifest a life you dream about!! 
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