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Marriage Coaching Testimonial

Benga and Lunide

Check out this awesome testimonial from a couple I worked with. They were on rocky ground when I first worked with them but put in the work and after only 5 sessions were back on track! This power couple is now expecting their first baby!

This couple is from beautiful San Diego, California. I work with clients all over the world in my Michigan home or via Zoom or Google Meets. 

Couples Coaching: Video

Couples Coaching

I help married couples to rekindle the love in their marriage in less than 6 months without years of talk therapy.

About 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce shattering many lives in its path.  Another devastating statistic is that about 40% of couples are impacted by infidelity in marriage. 
If your marriage is suffering, there is hope! 
Maybe you are newly married and going through some growing pains or you have been married for years and feel like you've drifted apart or worse yet, your marriage has suffered infidelity, we can work together to rekindle love in a short time, before it's too late!
The average cost of an uncontested divorce is about $2500.00-$5,000.00 and if you have children it can be significantly more! 
Invest in your marriage and family today!

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