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Who do I help?

"RTT rapidly removes limiting beliefs and habits by exploring with the client how, where, and when they acquired them and then helping each client understand and reframe the beliefs that hurt them and held them the process of removing their pain, RTT also helps them understand where it comes from, which means it is not likely to come back again.  Clients see RTT as a worthy investment because they get exactly what they want:  freedom from the painful problems of their past."  Tell Yourself a Better Lie, Marisa Peer

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I use hypnotherapy, specifically Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), together with Mindset Coaching to help clients completely transform any area of their life!

Rapid Transformational Therapy  13+

Packages begin as low as $500.00

Anxiety and Stress


Conception and Pregnancy

Imposter Syndrome



Auto-Immune Diseases

Bullying in school or work place

Confidence and Self-Esteem


Abundance Blocks

Sales and Performance

Test Taking

Public Speaking

Phobias and Fears

and more!  

Results in as few as a single package! 

Sessions offered virtually across the country or locally, in person, in Novi, MI


Couples Coaching without Hypnotherapy:

Packages begin as low as $1200.00

Couples experiencing hurt from feeling lonely, disconnected, and like their relationship may be falling apart, including:

· Couples who have been together for at least one year without children

· Couples who have children

· Couples with children who have left the nest or soon to be leaving home

· Couples who have experienced infidelity and are choosing to stay and work on their marriage. 

Recent studies show that couples aged 50+ have seen a 50% increase in divorce!  Let's work together to find that connection and love again.

Many report results in as few as 6 sessions!

Offered Virtually 

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