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Meet Debbie

Hi.  I'm Debbie and I am thrilled you're here!

Have you struggled with limiting beliefs or challenges you can't quite overcome on your own despite your best efforts?  Has reading endless self-help books or going to counseling session after session only to find yourself with time you can never get back and stuck with the same repeating pattern? 


You're not here by accident!

When I was a young child, I would pretend my stuffed animals were students and I would teach them the lessons I had learned in school that day.  I had a chalkboard that I LOVED to write on to teach these crazy animals how to read, write and calculate math problems.  Years later, I became a real teacher with my very own classroom and human students.  I remember thinking, “They pay me for this!?” 

Being in the field of education for over 22 years, I have worked with students at all levels from preschool through high school on a wide variety of challenges, struggles and even victories!  School may be the times some look back on fondly in later years but believe me, not everyone gets through school without struggles and challenges, they need some help getting through.

My journey has led me down the path of several degrees, certifications and licenses to practice.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism and Elementary Education;  a Master of Arts degree in The Art of Teaching;  An Education Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision.  But it is the experience I have gained through my own challenges that led me to search out and study Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer.  In many ways, she inspired me during a time I felt challenged and discouraged.  I studied her materials for over a year and then studied with her live in Los Angeles. 

As a mother of two adult daughters, I have raised two incredible young ladies.  My oldest left the Marine Corps as a Sgt and is now working in law enforcement.  My younger daughter works in the medical field.  Both were able to achieve great success even after my 20 year marriage to their father came to an abrupt end when they were in their teens.  I was single for a few years and met my current husband, Keith.  Keith and I were blessed to add his adult children to our clan - my step-son, age 22,  working as an Engineer in Michigan after completing 4 years in the Marine Corps, and my step-daughter, who is living across the country with her mom and attending college.   

I am the daughter, niece, aunt, sister, mother, and step-mother to family that has dedicated at least part of their life to service:  Marine Corps, medical, education, and law enforcement.  Keith works in the corporate world supporting public sector agencies and in addition he serves our local community in a law enforcement role.      

I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and pain certain periods of life can bring.  I specialize in working with women, teens, and couples.  Allow me to offer my expertise, experiences, education and training directly to you in person if you’re local or via Zoom or Google Meets if you are located around the world. 

I am an empathetic listener and offer completely confidential and non-judgemental sessions.  

I specialize in helping remove hard-wired emotional blocks, bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors to help create a life that feels meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling for couples and individual clients.

Keith and I have made our home in Michgan.  When I am not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my family. I love writing and reading and spending time outdoors and in nature.  I enjoy exercising with Keith as we find ourselves going for long walks, going for a run, bike and hiking.  

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